About By Design 2: Matters of the Heart



Anne and Brad’s love for one another continues to blossom in By Design II. The young Southern designer inspires a depth of new emotions in the handsome doctor as he finds her love for everyone in her path a magnetic force he cannot resist. But . . . can he overcome his frustrations with her independent ways? Anne on the other hand, finds Brad’s loving attentions and boyish Southern charm irresistible as she takes on the challenge of his somewhat spoiled nature. One has to ask . . . will their life together withstand professional demands, daily challenges and the possibility of trust issues as they see their worlds so differently?

By Design II: Matters of the Heart will resonate soundly with the majority of readers who find it challenging to balance life in the turmoil of our modern culture. But take heart, it may just be possible!



Praises for By design 2:

“In a frantic world where people are too busy and often distant, it is lovely to “come home” to Brad and Anne. They are genuine people, with real struggles that they refused to allow overwhelm them. As you turn the pages, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time with the Youngs as By Design II is an encouraging read. This book pulls you aside from your daily routine and puts you into a truly heartwarming, loving family. Come on in! They’ve left the light on for you!”

– Suzanne Roberts, Women’s Mentor and author of Power Up

“By Design II satisfies and inspires as it continues the story of a young couple, Brad and Anne Young and the unexpected twist and turns of their commitment to each other, their family and their community. The sequel reveals a refreshing and enjoyable sense of purpose as you follow along on their journey with laughter and a few tears. I loved By Design and didn’t think a sequel could get any better, but it did! I love, love, love By Design II. J Boykin Baker is truly a gifted writer.”

– T. Leonard, Coastal Printing

“By Design II is timely, delightful, wholesome and a great read! You will not want it to end. Looking forward to the last novel of this affecting and inspiring trilogy. I want more, y’all!”

G. Cassese, a New Yorker that moved to the south

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Special Feature:

Discussion Questions

Questions for Groups, Bible studies, Book clubs, friends, and mothers and daughters to contemplate together upon reading By Design. I sincerely hope this book will stir a heart felt conversation concerning passions and goals, the pros and cons of our choices, and the exciting destiny that is available to each of us. 

Discussion Questions Sneak Peek: 

Q. What are your thoughts on Gretchen’s three-step plan? Her faith? Are these two factors important in Anne’s life? How do you know whether they are or are not?

Q.  How do you think the mothers (Gretchen and Patsy) set an undertone for the struggles in Anne’s and Brad’s relationship?