About the Book

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Anne is a young, Southern professional with just the right connections and a privileged point of view. Confident in her innate value, she has complete faith in her ability to determine her own future. After all, even with the challenges that come with working at a high-profile interior design firm located in the heart of Atlanta, she knows exactly where she’s headed.

What she doesn’t expect is Dr. Brad Young, Jr. Sparks immediately fly between the handsome young doctor and Anne when she’s assigned to decorate the offices for his surgical practice, but chemistry can only get you so far. As their relationship develops, so too does a burgeoning conflict and confusion over the uncommon roles their mothers play in their lives. Over the course of an emotional weekend and the exposure of a secret lurking in his past, Brad is forced to make a life-changing adjustment as Anne discovers the devastating betrayal of a trusted plan.



The Author's Heart

Having led Baker Interiors and Widow’s Mite Experience, I have been privileged to employ and volunteer with countless young women. I have noticed a very distinct difference between those who are confident, committed, and make plans with those who settle for the moment regardless of the consequence. My Goal with By Design is that a premise set forth in the book can serve as a template to both encourage and subtly teach women in understanding they can direct their destiny. I felt a contemporary romance with a young, professional couple facing today’s challenges could tell this story in a more meaningful manner. Their voices just might give courage for the pursuit of dreams and a better tomorrow. 

Thank you for purchasing “By Design”. By doing so you are helping to send clean water to desperate families both in the United States and countries abroad. Thirty percent of all profits from this book will be donate to Orphan’s Promise.


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Special Feature:


The way to a southern man's heart is through Southern comfort cooking. By Design shares some delicious southern recipes that play a part in this charming southern story. 



Special Feature:

Discussion Questions

Questions for Groups, Bible studies, Book clubs, friends, and mothers and daughters to contemplate together upon reading By Design. I sincerely hope this book will stir a heart felt conversation concerning passions and goals, the pros and cons of our choices, and the exciting destiny that is available to each of us. 

Discussion Questions Sneak Peek: 

Q. What are your thoughts on Gretchen’s three-step plan? Her faith? Are these two factors important in Anne’s life? How do you know whether they are or are not?

Q.  How do you think the mothers (Gretchen and Patsy) set an undertone for the struggles in Anne’s and Brad’s relationship?





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